Chilly end to the weekend

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Friday night’s cold front, followed by a potent upper level disturbance Saturday afternoon, brought a variety of weather to our area…from scattered severe thunderstorms to robust sleet showers and even some snowflakes.  But all of that weather has shifted east, and we have a cool, dry Sunday ahead.  Unfortunately, it appears that the overnight cloud cover will be slow to break up, so we won’t be able to see the Orionid Meteor Shower, which peaks this morning before dawn.  We should see breaks of sun develop during the day and, by the end of the day, skies should be mostly clear…which will carry over into Sunday night.


If you’re up early to run in the Free Press / Chemical Bank Marathon, plan for temperatures in the 30s (1 to 3 degrees Celsius) with wind blowing from the northwest at 10 to 15 mph…perhaps a little more breeze than you’d like, but most marathoners we’ve talked to say that this is much better than the 70 degrees (21 degrees Celsius) we had at the start of last year’s race.  Highs this afternoon will only be in the mid to upper 40s (7 to 9 degrees Celsius), and even cooler in the Thumb.  Temperatures tonight should drop into the mid 30s (1 to 2 degrees Celsius).


It appears that we’ll be dry for the entire week ahead, so this is probably a good time to get the car washed if it’s dirty…you’ll get good value out of that car wash.  We’ll be partly cloudy Monday and Tuesday, and mostly sunny Wednesday and Thursday before becoming partly cloudy again on Friday.  Highs all week long should range from the upper 40s to low 50s (8 to 11 degrees Celsius), with overnight lows generally not far from freezing (32 degrees Fahrenheit / 0 degrees Celsius).  Keep in mind that our average high this time of year is near 60 degrees (15 to 16 degrees Celsius) and our average low is 42 degrees (about 5 degrees Celsius), so it’ll be another week with below average temperatures.


Although the upcoming weekend isn’t certain yet, it looks dry right now, but with less sunshine than we’d probably like.


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