7 dead puppies left outside animal shelter in Pontiac Saturday night

Dead puppies left outside Michigan Animal Rescue League

PONTIAC, Mich. – When employees arrived to work at the Michigan Animal Rescue League Sunday morning they found a box on the doorstep that contained the bodies of seven dead puppies.   

Security footage showed a vehicle pulling into the shelter parking lot at 10:56 p.m. The video also features a person walking to the side door, putting down the box and walking away.  

Review of security footage showed there was no movement in the box and based on the way the puppies were stacked, it is believed they were not alive when they were dropped off. 

The man seen in the video showed up to the shelter today and explained what happened. 

"There was nothing done wrong or anything. It was an accident," said Ronnie Fleming. 

He says there were nine puppies and seven of them fell down a sump pump hole and drowned. 

The shelter called animal control to see if there is anything more to be done. 

MARL also filed a report with the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office.  

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