Crews rescue water employee, contractor who fell down 40-foot manhole on Detroit's east side

2 men pulled from hole near Mack Avenue, Cadieux Road

Crews work to rescue a man who fell down a hole on Oct. 22, 2018 near Mack Avenue and Cadieux Road in Detroit. (WDIV)

DETROIT – Emergency personnel rescued two people who fell into a manhole Monday morning behind a building near Mack Avenue and Cadieux Road on Detroit's east side.

Officials said the men were rescued around noon.

Crews were working inside the Blue Hill Pump Station building around 10 a.m. Monday when two men fell inside the hole, which is about 40 feet deep, officials said.

The first man was a contractor. He was rescued early in the process, but it took a while to get the second man out, police said.

The second man is a 62-year-old employee of the Great Lakes Water Authority, officials said. He was stuck in a 3-by-3-foot hole, which made the rescue difficult.

"We have medics here on the scene, and you don't want to rush and cause further injuries," Detroit Deputy Fire Chief Gene Biondo said. "Every time we pulled up, the problem they had was possibly hitting another rail or causing more injury to the injuries he's already had. So you just needed to do it slow and methodical, and as long as he was stable, we had plenty of time, and that's what they did. They took their time and they did a great job. I'm very proud of them."

The 62-year-old man was taken to a hospital.

Here is a statement from the Blue Hill Pump Station:

"On the morning of Monday, October 22, 2018, a GLWA team member fell approximately 40 feet while performing maintenance work at the Authority’s Blue Hill Pump Station, near Mack and Cadieux. The Detroit Fire Department was able to secure his rescue. The GLWA team member is conscious and responsive, and on his way to receive medical attention. We will provide further updates as they become available."

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