Crews rescue workers trapped in manhole on Detroit's east side

Men fell in deep manhole while working

DETROIT – Imagine being stuck in a hole no more than three feet wide and 40 feet long for hours.

That’s exactly what happened to two men on Detroit’s east side. Fire rescue crews jumped into action Monday to help the men. 

"There are two down there,” said Sidney Bogan with the Detroit Water and Sewage Department. 

The men were stuck in the hole with no way to get out. 

“One is a Gleeland employee, and one is with Great Lakes Water Authority, which is also one of our contractors,” said Bogan. 

According to Bogan, everything happened around 10 a.m. Monday. Water crews were working inside the building when the two men slipped and fell inside the deep hole. 

Deputy Chief Gene Biondo said it did not take long for the crews to rescue one of the men, but could not reach the second worker, a 62-year old.

“The trouble that we had is there are different levels. It turns, like, seven times, so each time we would pull him up a level, they had to stop, reposition, move him, spin him and then pull up again,” said Biondo. 


Crews rescue water employee, contractor who fell down 40-foot manhole on Detroit's east side

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