We're asking if you're motivated to vote on Nov. 6. If yes, why?


We're preparing to cover the Nov. 6 General Election, and we need your help understanding voter motivation.

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Will you vote in the upcoming election? If so, what's motivating you to get to the polls?

Take our survey and we'll report out the results as answers come in. We're curious if statewide ballot issues like marijuana or gerrymandering will get people to the polls, or if it's broader national trends like a reaction to President Trump or the battle for Congress will turn people out. Maybe it's local millage questions -- or nothing at all. We'd love your input. 

Questions about this informal survey? Email us at: clickondetroit@wdiv.com

We're also taking questions about the upcoming elections. What do you want to know? Share your thoughts here and we'll get our election experts to weigh in.

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