Election Results in Indiana Senate race: Braun vs. Donnelly on Nov. 6. 2018

Results in tight Indiana Senate race

INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana voters will decide on a tight race for U.S. Senate between Joe Donnelly and Mike Braun on Nov. 6, 2018.

Sen. Joe Donnelly, Indiana’s lone statewide Democrat, was propelled into office six years ago after his opponent’s incendiary comments about abortion and rape during a disastrous debate appearance tanked his candidacy.

On a similar stage Tuesday night, Donnelly’s Republican challenger Mike Braun appeared determined to avoid the same fate, despite a full-throated attack from the Democrat, who tried to force the issue.

“If your daughter happens to be raped, Mike thinks the government has a role in the middle of that — I don’t,” Donnelly said during the debate.

The politics of abortion are complicated in Indiana, a state so dominated by Republicans that policy fights over the issue are typically waged by differing factions within the party. In an election that could hinge on support from independents and moderate Republican women, it could also prove to be a volatile electoral issue.

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