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Will 2018 midterm election break record?

Absentee ballot requests are up substantially, more than 40% since the last midterm in 2014. A historic turnout for the midterm election in Michigan is expected.

Campaigns ran until the very last minute. There were late-night rallies in Oxford and in Lansing. Turnout as always, is critical.

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Democrats see a blue and pink wave building, but have historically not had great turnout in the midterms. Which is why Gretchen Whitmer, who has led every single poll heading into Tuesday has been stumping not just for herself but the entire ticket.

"Absentees are through the roof, way ahead of where they were in 2014. So if we see that type of enthusiasm at the ballot box we will break a record tomorrow," said Dennis Darnoi, political strategist.

That record is 3.8 million voters and that was in 2006.

"If all things being equal and the weather holds, I think we'll see about just slightly over 4 million votes," said Darnoi.

Republicans head into Tuesday with a fight on their hands. Democrats see an opportunity to take the top of the ticket, flip congressional seats and take the state House.


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