Predict the Elections: Share your guesses for Michigan races and the battle for Congress

Let's see if ClickOnDetroit readers can accurately predict tonight's outcomes

While we wait for tonight's outcomes in a number of critical state and national races, let's see if the ClickOnDetroit audience can predict tonight's results.

Use our survey below to forecast who will win Michigan's top races, control of the state Legislature and whether the three proposals pass, plus control of the U.S. Congress. We're not asking who you want to win, but who you think will win. 

We'll grade the results tomorrow once the votes are tabulated and report out tomorrow. You'll see running totals of ClickOnDetroit audience's predictions after taking the survey. One note: We do ask for personal informationn, but that's only to help us get a better idea of who is participating. It's not required to share, and we waon't use any of those questions for marketing purposes.

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