Annual Blood Battle between University of Michigan and Ohio State underway

Donors have until Nov. 21 to give blood

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – The 37th annual Blood Battle between the University of Michigan and Ohio State University is underway. 

Hundreds of people will roll up their sleeves and give blood to help the American Red Cross. 

It is a fierce rivalry between the two schools and has been for years. On Saturday, the competition was not on the field, but in blood donations. 

“I want to beat Ohio State,” said John Toth. 

Toth said that is the mission of the annual Blood Battle, and he is here to do his part. His wife encouraged him to give blood.

“She donated her kidney four months ago for my brother-in-law,” said Toth. 

Both schools are partnering with the Red Cross to see which university can bring in the most blood donations. 

Megan Podschlne with the University of Michigan says the school is ready.

“Last year, we collected 424 units at this event alone. We’re trying to shoot for about 500 units. There are currently 114,000 people waiting for some type of organ transplant, so everybody has something to spare. Especially when they pass away, they are not using it anymore, so it is important to pay it forward and make sure you are on the registry,” Podschlne said. 


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