Woman uses social media platform to connect missing Detroiters with their loved ones

Instagram page Missing in Detroit created to help families

DETROIT – "The Missing"  “The Unidentified” and “The Unclaimed”: That is the account description for the “Missing in Detroit” Instagram page run by Detroit native Tia Rumph. 

She started the account just months ago, aiming to help locate missing people and reunite them with their loved ones. 

“It’s 23 years, 20 years, 30 years, these people have been missing, all I want to do is place a voice for those people,” said Tia Rumph with Missing in Detroit. 

That is the very reason Rumph started the Instagram page "Missing in Detroit."

Rumph said she formed the page just two months ago. It’s a new concept but already growing.  

“Social media is a big platform right now and media is where it is at,” said Rumph. 

She said, finding the missing, identifying the unidentified and claiming the unclaimed is the perfect description for the page. 

“Right now in Michigan we have a lot of people missing," said Rumph. 

She knows people who disappeared years ago and still nothing is known about their whereabouts. That it why she feels the page can help. 

“The numbers aren’t going to get lower. It’s only growing," she said.  "We still have people who have been missing since '76 that still need a voice to be heard besides the people in 2018."   

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