NBA, Space Jam legend Muggsy Bogues invests in Detroit menswear startup

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - MARCH 18: Golden State Warriors legend Muggsy Bogues poses for a photo at the third American Express 'All for Dub Nation' Watch Party on the S.S. Dub Nation on March 18, 2017 in San Francisco, California. (Photo by Kelly Sullivan/Getty Images for American Express)

DETROIT – NBA legend and "Space Jam" star Muggsy Bogues is investing in Detroit.

Bogues has partners with Detroit startup Ash & Erie, a company that designs and creates clothing for men. 

Bogues, best known as the shortest player to every play in the NBA, is from Baltimore and played 14 seasons in the league. 

“I am excited to partner with Ash & Erie, a brand that stands up for the little guy,” said Bogues. “To be able to enjoy custom shirts and jeans without having to get them altered has not only been convenient, but life changing with the perfect fit. As my first clothing investment, I am thrilled to join Ash & Erie in advocating for confidence in men of all heights.”

Ash & Erie designs clothing specifically for shorter guys. All shirts feature properly scaled sleeves, refined collars and shorter body lengths, providing the best fit for guys 5’8” and under. 

“Our entire mission is to help men our size look and feel their best,” said Steven Mazur, CEO of Ash & Erie. “Muggsy is one of the most influential basketball players of our time, and he proved that with the right drive, anything is possible. We wanted a partner who our customers could look up to, and being just 5’3” we knew that Muggsy would be the perfect fit.”

Ash & Erie broke into the clothing scene after securing funding from billionaire businessman Mark Cuban during an appearance on Shark Tank and investment from Quicken Loans Detroit Demo in 2017. The company has grown to serve customers across every state and in 46 countries; and are on track to hit millions in sales this year.

“We have never been able to buy clothing that fit us, so that inspired us to design our clothes for this overlooked market,” said Eric Huang, co-founder at Ash & Erie. “Muggsy marks our first celebrity endorsement, and we are excited to leverage his experience and status as we continue to grow.”

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