Lawsuit accuses Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan of not living in city


DETROIT – A new lawsuit filed Monday accuses Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan of not living in the city.

The controversial claim was made by the businessman who released secret recordings last week after hiring a private investigator to follow the mayor for months.

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Robert Carmack said he filed a request for security video from 13 cameras at the Manoogian Mansion to prove his claim. He alleges the city wanted more than $40,000 for the video.

THe mayor's chief of staff released a statement, reading in part:

"The mayor lives at the Manoogian and has since he took office. Mr. Carmack requested video for 30 days from 13 cameras. He was offered - and still has - the opportunity - to limit his FOIA request to one camera at the entrance and his bill would be one-thirteenth of what it would be for 13 cameras.  If he was truly interested in the truth, he would have asked for the one relevant camera angle, which would clearly show the mayor living at the Manoogian mansion."

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