Two injured, five displaced after car crashes into apartments on Detroit's west side

Driver flees scene after injuring, displacing people

DETROIT – Two people were injured and five are displaced after a car crashed into an apartment building near Plymouth Road on Detroit's west side. 

According to police, a 28-year-old is in temporary serious condition for cuts. The other victim, 66-year-old, John Jenkins is in the hospital, according to his family.  His son had to dig him out of the debris. 



According to police, a woman was driving a black Grand Am with two other women in the car. 

After losing control and crashing into the apartments, the driver was picked up by a black Impala and fled the scene, leaving the two passengers behind.  

One passenger was hurt and taken by EMS and police have spoken to the second passenger. The two passengers are not facing any charges, but police are searching for the driver who fled the scene. 

Tenants of the apartments are waiting for the building to be boarded up. They will need a place to stay. Local 4 reached out to the Red Cross which plans on looking into the issue.

The crash happened around 2 a.m. on Sunday. 

The black Grand Am crashed into Janette Melchor's bedroom after she got off work at midnight. It happened just days after she had moved into and furnished her apartment. 

“Two o’clock the car came through my bedroom," she said. 

People are furious that the driver took off after the crash. 

“The other car was right here, grabbed the driver and put her in that car, left the passenger leg like a pretzel …” said Melchor. 

The car also crashed into Jenkins' bedroom.   

“His face was all bloody. I tried to get him out … he was responsive but pretty bad,” said Jenkins son, Tarence Austin. 

Jenkins remains hospitalized tonight. 

"I hope the driver gets caught and does jail time," Austin said. 

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