Children hurt when bounce house tips over at Dearborn school

Bounce house tips over at Great Revelations Academy in Dearborn

DEARBORN, Mich. – Paramedics rushed to a Dearborn school Friday after a bounce house tipped over and injured children inside.

“I was at the top and my friends were playing," a boy named AJ said. "All of a sudden it just it tipped over, and everybody fell down."

AJ was one of the 50 students inside the bounce house at Great Revelations Academy in Dearborn.

Local 4 saw several police officers and firefighters at the school Friday morning.

“I fell down," AJ said. "I was at the bottom and hit my head on the floor and I was unconscious for a few moments."

AJ said many of the children were scared as the bounce house tipped over, but he said things could have been worse.

“My cousin, thanks to him, he pulled me out, because it was about to sink down and he pulled me out,” AJ said.

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