Police investigating hit-and-run in Southwest Detroit

DETROIT – Police are investigating a hit-and-run in which multiple cars were hit, leaving one person in critical condition. It happened at the intersection of Waterman Street and Regular Street in Southwest Detroit.

“Yeah, that’s my friend’s car,” said Gus, a friend of the driver who did not want his name used. 

Mangled and near destroyed is how Gus describes his friend’s car. The two cars are what’s left of a hit-and-run crash, that happened Sunday morning right in front of his home.

Police say a man driving a black 2008 Cadillac Escalade crashed into multiple cars parked near the intersection of Waterman and Regular. 

“It was an Escalade driving so fast. It hit the Camaro and crushed it sideways and then hit those two cars,” said Gus.

Police say a Camaro parked on the other side of the street was also hit. That driver was rushed to the hospital. The driver of the Escalade ran away before police could get there, but police got the license plate of the Escalade DRA 9786.

Gus said this is not the first time something like this happened. There was a similar crash just five months ago. 

“It was another truck by the tree. It went all the way almost to the house.  You have to put out a light, or they should come, police should just stay right there, especially on the weekends, at least,” said Gus.

Police said the victim of that car is listed in critical condition.

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