Virginia salon employees accused of mocking 10-year-old girl battling Stage 4 cancer

Imperial Salon & Day Spa facing online backlash

STAFFORD, Va. – A Virginia salon is facing backlash this week after employees were accused of mocking a 10-year-old girl battling Stage 4 cancer.

The alleged incident occurred Saturday at Imperial Salon & Day Spa. The girl's aunt, Shelle Jones, wrote about the incident in a now-removed Facebook post.

Jones said the 10-year-old girl had spent most of 2018 battling Stage 4 cancer, and her hair was beginning to grow back after going into remission. The girl's mother took her to the salon for a special evening, but she instead faced ridicule from employees who kept telling her she looked like a boy, the aunt said.

The girl's mother brought the issue to management, but the response was 'underwhelming,' Jones said.

As of Tuesday, the Facebook page for Imperial Salon & Day Spa has been inundated with negative customer reviews.

The owners of the salon posted an apology on Monday:

It has come to our attention as owners while we were away in training that a incident has occurred that we would like to address. 

As imperial salon and day spa we have handled this very sensitive matter. We do not now or ever support any of our employees making comments to any of our amazing clients. We value each and everyone who walks into our spa. 

We as owners of imperial salon and day spa would personally like to issue the below statement to the family:

We deeply apologize that this has happened. We would love to meet with you and your daughter to formally apologize. Your daughter and any other cancer survivor and fighter have our complete support. This matter breaks our hearts as a business and as parents ourselves. We know that offering any package would never be enough to make up for this sad situation but, would love to offer a package for your little girl and family. We as owners would love to show you that this one incident is not what our spa or company is about. Please allow us to have an opportunity to show you that our company is better than this. 

Myself Don and Julie owners of Imperial Salon and Day spa would like you to know from the bottom of our hearts how deeply sorry we are.

We would also like to apologize to our clients and everyone. If anyone ever has a issue please do tell us. We value each and everyone who walks into the door at our spa. Things are changing here at the Spa and things we promise we will be better.

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