Fantasy trip to North Pole lifts spirits of children fighting serious illnesses

Special occasion for 80 children

DETROIT – The holidays can be a tough time for children diagnosed with serious illnesses so in an attempt to lift spirits an air line provides a fantasy trip to the North Pole.

On Friday morning, the holiday decorations were up. Music was playing all over Metro Airport. It was a special occasion for 80 children. They each have a terminal illness.

They got a chance to forget about all that, even just for a little while. They all waited "for Santa," Camila Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez, 5, is ready. "I want a pony, some Barbies and a laptop," she said.

“Nothing is more heartwarming than seeing these children and their families,” said Eric Pricco, with Delta Air Lines. 

Juan Nunez appreciates special times such as this. It’s been a rough year for his strong, shy son Gabriel.

“This time last year was when he was diagnosed, so it was kind of rough for us last year, but to have him out of the hospital and up and about, it’s just a wonderful thing,” said Nunez. 

The kids grabbed their Christmas lists and boarded the Delta plane. They were ready to fly to the North Pole. The elves joined them on the plane. 

After a short flight, the final moment arrived. Santa Claus was waiting for them when they got off the plane.

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