Family in need of help after Detroit house fire injures mother and son

Mother threw children out window to save them from fire, they survived

DETROIT – A pack of diapers, a car seat and clothes. These are just a few of the items that were donated to members of a local family who lost everything in a house fire on Detroit's east side Friday.

Asia Kenny, 20, and her 3-year-old son, Tyler Burns Jr. are being treated for serious injuries at a hospital and listed in critical condition. 

The donations are helpful, but so much more is needed. The family has to start over. 

Tyler is suffering from burns all over his body. He was trapped in Friday’s horrible house fire on Mackay Street. 

(Asia Kenny, mother of 3-year-old Tyler Burns Jr.)

Kenny was badly burned as she kept going back into the burning home trying to find her son.

“Tyler is burned very bad,” said Michelle Currie, Kenny's mom. “She keeps playing it in her head, telling me how fast it went and how she was going to give up. People were not getting out.”

(Tyler Burns Jr. is only 3-years-old. He is in critical condition after Friday's house fire.) 

The fire broke out at Currie’s home.

During that fire, Khamari Livingtson, 2, was killed. No one could reach Khamari and the toddler did not survive.


Other children could have been lost, as well. Kenny was forced to throw her 6-month-old son, Kenny Burns out a window along with her 1-year-old daughter, Miracle.


“She grabbed both of them and hesitated. She didn’t want to hurt them by throwing them out the window. She said, 'I got to.' She tossed them out the window,” said Currie. 


Currie drove a garbage truck in Detroit until breast cancer took the job away from her. She and her sister are scrambling to start over with the basics for the babies. 


Those basics include milk, diapers, clothes and a place to live. The family members say they can feel the prayers being sent to them and know that more help is on the way.



Many people have reached out to Local 4 asking about how they can help the family. To help, you can contact Monye Walk directly at 313-461-2494.

Walk is encouraging people who want to help to drop off donated items to Roger's Bulk Candy and Ice Cream Shop located at 15020 east 9 Mile Road, Eastpointe, Michigan 48021.  

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