City of Detroit overhauls neighborhood street snowplow plan

DETROIT – Ahead of the first big snow of the season, the city of Detroit is overhauling its plan when it comes to plowing the streets.

WATCH: Detroit officials discuss upgrade to neighborhood street snow plowing plan

For decades, the rule was that, if there was over six inches of snow, residential streets got one pass by plows down the middle of the street, which made it hard for residents to drive out of their driveways.

Starting this winter, that system will be different. Plows that used to clear 10 feet of snow in one pass will now clear at least 16 feet.

It's going to bump the price of a full plow from $450,000 to $530,000, but the city believes that money will be well-spent.

Watch the video above for Jason Colthorp's full story.

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