Westland police shoot, kill dog during arrest

Area residents upset over shooting

WESTLAND, Mich. – A parole absconder was arrested in Westland, but that's not what has neighbors upset.

During the arrest, officers shot and killed an 11-year-old dog named Moo.

Westland police said the dog was killed when officers came to make an arrest and the dog charged at cops. Neighbors and the dog's owner refute what police claim happened.

Investigators said they came to arrest Devin Hahn, a 21-year-old who had violated his parole. Hahn has served time for possession of cocaine, operating while intoxicated and running from police.

"I understand they had to do their job," Kathe Cote said.

But Cote is upset over the shooting.

"They shot an innocent animal who was doing nothing but protecting his house," she said.

Westland police were assisting the Department of Corrections on Monday night. The police chief said when parole officers entered the house, they yelled for the man to secure the dog. Instead, police said, Moo came outside and tried biting an officer's leg.

Police said the dog gripped a shotgun with his mouth before charging at a second officer.

"The dog was already out in the yard, officers were already in the house when they shot at that dog," Jeff Rochon said.

Rochon and others believe the officer's story doesn't add up.

"If it was going to attack you, it would have attacked in the house," he said.

Some residents are demanding Westland police do a thorough investigation.

"It's a family pet," Rochon said. "For most people, it's like a kid."

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