VIDEO: Fight breaks out in layaway line at Michigan Walmart

Mother and son argue with employees

STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. – Police released video of a chaotic brawl that broke out in the layaway line at a Walmart in Southeast Michigan Monday night.

The incident happened at the Walmart in Sterling Heights, Michigan on Van Dyke Avenue. 

Police said the fight involved a total of four people, a brother and sister who both work at the Walmart and a mother and son who were unhappy with service. The son grabbed a knife from a shelf to scare the workers.

There were many people in the layaway department, but police said a man didn't like the way his mother was treated by an employee. Words were exchanged and the mother and son left the area, but the son returned to the scene.

The employee's brother heard the commotion and when he came around the corner, that's when the first of several blows were thrown. The tussle then spilled over into a back room.

The man leaves out of the backroom upset, he leaves for several minutes and customers appear to believe the fight is over. Then, he returns with a pocket knife that police said he took from the shelves of Walmart.

The video shows the man going back into the unlocked employee section looking for the employees. There is no audio in the video police released, but he demanded for the employees to come to him. Customers in the area get out of the way.

At one point a manager tries to diffuse the situation, getting very close to the man, unaware that he has a knife on him.

The female employee is seen throwing a chair at the irate customer.

During the chaos, someone pulled the fire alarm, forcing the entire store to evacuate. The mother and son took off at that time.

Police were able to track down the pair. Police said the mother originally was not cooperating but has since provided police the information they needed to arrest her son.

The son is not yet in custody.

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