All-clear given after fresh wave of bomb threats in Downtown Detroit

Bomb threats called in to Detroit buildings


DETROIT – For the second day in a row, a wave of bomb threats forced the evacuations of buildings downtown and, for some, it took hours for the all-clear to be given. 

ORIGINAL STORY: Bomb threats called into 2 courthouses, hospital in Detroit

There were five bomb threats throughout Downtown Detroit on Friday morning. Police said threats were made to Frank Murphy Building, 36th District Court, Children’s Hospital, Harper Hospital Professional Building and Henry Ford Hospital. 

Police received messages saying that, “There were explosive devices at three local hospitals and two courthouses,” said Capt. Franklin Hayes of the Detroit Police Department. 

Police evacuated the Frank Murphy Building and 36th District Court for hours. It was déjà vu from Thursday, when multiple bomb threats were received across Metro Detroit. Many wondered if the threats are connected.

“They’re looking into that. Right now, I don’t know," Hayes said. "Nevertheless, we take one just as serious as the other."

“Well, when I walked up, the officer said I couldn’t cross,” said Marjorie Henry. 

Henry was one of the many people downtown Friday morning, trying to handle business at the Frank Murphy Building. She waited for hours while police shut down and searched the area. 

“Yes, I’m very glad they’re keeping people safe. Yes, yes, definitely. That’s very important,” said Henry. 

Police cleared all threats around noon, and they have a message for the person or people responsible.

“These prank calls, these threats, are very, very serious with judges and things. I believe there are federal repercussions, so whoever is doing this, I implore you to stop or we will find you and we will hold you accountable,” said Hayes.

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