Royal Oak home robbery attempt pushes residents to take extra security measures

Female intruder ran off after being confronted by homeowner

ROYAL OAK, Mich. – What happened this week near the border of Royal Oak and Beverly Hills is getting attention and pushing people to lock up and look out.

In a quiet neighborhood near Greenfield and Amhurst in Royal Oak the shock of a lifetime came for one homeowner this week. 

According to the homeowner, a woman entered the home and walked into the front room, presumably in an attempt to rob the house. 

When the homeowner confronted the woman, she ran off. Royal Oak police are aware of the incident.

Now the homeowner among others in the neighborhood are taking extra measures to make sure their garages and doors are closed and windows remain locked.

Ted Page heads up the Royal Oak Beverly Hills Improvement Association, made up of more than 900 homes and active homeowners who talk to one another and look out for any potential problems.

“We talk about how we have such a great neighborhood and people are connected. That connectivity gets information around quickly,” Page said. 

Locking up is key and keeping lights on is a help. Police are encouraging people to report suspicious activity. 

"If you see something out of place, say something," Page said. 

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