Video captures images of thief stealing package from Detroit home

Homeowner used social media to share video and catch suspect

DETROIT – It is easy to think things just happen to other people until you watch a package theft happening in real-time, through your doorbell camera, but there is some small consolation for the victim in this case. 

Less than 30 seconds. Scott Morrow said that is all it took for someone to walk up to his porch and steal his package that FedEx delivered moments before. This all happened just days ago,” said Morrow. 

Morrow said he was at work when the thief stole the package. He got the notification from his security system and he watched it all on his phone. 

“I actually couldn’t believe he was that stupid,” said Morrow. 

At first Morrow was upset, but then decided take advantage of the power of social media.

He posted the video on his Facebook page and got several tips about who the suspect might be.

Morrow noted that the suspect might be disappointed about what is inside the package. 

 “It was actually some floor paint and a water hose. I’m doing a renovation project for my 83-year-old mother,” said Morrow.  

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