Detroit Police Chief James Craig spreads holiday cheer

Surprises people with gifts

DETROIT – Some Detroit police officers helped spread holiday cheer, and Police Chief James Craig was among them.

Officers participated in a Secret Santa event, in which they went around town and passed out money to those who need it.

On Tuesday, Craig made a surprise visit to a Mr. Corned Beef restaurant.

“I’m here on behalf of Santa Claus and I’m going to give you a little cheer,” Craig said.

Trina Ford described the $100 gift as the "best surprise."

“No, I wasn’t expecting that, but you know what, the Lord is always looking out. I’m so grateful, so thankful,” said Ford. 

But Ford wasn’t the only one who got some holiday cheer.

“The chief gave me $200. I feel good,” Tina Holloway said.

Holloway said the money is a much-needed gift, especially with Christmas around the corner

“Kids. Christmas. I got 31 grandkids,” Holloway said. 

The next stop was a local soup kitchen. Craig surprised a group of mothers. He gave them $100 for each child.

Prince Moore didn’t know how she was going to provide toys and gifts for her little son.

“Happy. God is so good. For the chief to do that, out of the kindness of his heart, it’s so nice,” Prince Moore said.

But the job wasn’t done there. Craig made a surprise traffic stop with Toccara Nichols behind the wheel.

Craig gave her $300. Nichols was shocked, because she recently lost her job, “Oh, thank you,” Nichols said. 

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