Macomb County Commissioner Don Brown arrested after incident with girlfriend

'Working on improving our communication differences,' Brown says

MACOMB COUNTY, Mich. – Longtime Macomb County Commissioner Don Brown was arrested over the weekend at his home following an incident with his girlfriend.

Sources tell Local 4 that following the most recent arrest, police are investigating allegations of domestic violence.

Brown was released from jail on Sunday. He has not been officially charged with any crime. Prosecutors are reviewing evidence in the case.

Brown released the following statement:

"This is my personal issue within my private life. We had a disagreement that became emotional for each of us. My girlfriend called the police to defuse the situation. She didn't not intend to see me arrested or charged. We continue to enjoy our great relationship while working on improving our communication differences. Please respect our privacy."

Last year Brown was charged with impaired driving. He has been the Macomb County Commissioner since 1990.

Charges denied

The Macomb County Sheriff's Office said Tuesday that charges were denied by the Macomb County Prosecutor's Office, citing "mutual combatants."

Here is the statement from the Sheriff's Office: 

"Brown was taken into custody and released pending review by the Macomb County Prosecutor’s Office. After their review of the warrant request presented by the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office, charges were denied citing "mutual combatants."

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