Downriver community gathers to welcome home 9-year-old after treatment for cancer

Boy spent nine months in Cincinnati

FLAT ROCK, Mich. – A Downriver community came together to deliver a surprise to a boy who spent the last nine months in a Cincinnati hospital fighting cancer.

Hudson Veltman, 9, was able to return home to Flat Rock, where he got a hero's welcome. Veltman hasn't been home or been able to see his friends since he's been undergoing treatment.

His Spanish teacher, Julie Musallam, insisted on making sure he knew his classmates hadn't forgotten about him.

When he returned home, he was greeted by cheers and a group of people sang Christmas carols.

"Thank you, everyone, for coming out tonight. I appreciate this. Thank you so much," Veltman said.

Watch the video above to see Jermont Terry's full story.

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