Instagram page spotlights missing Detroiters, generates tips

'The power of social media,' says creator

It’s just a one-woman operation but it’s really picking up steam -- the "Missing in Detroit" Instagram account profiles missing person cases in the city and it’s starting to have a real impact. 

The Missing in Detroit Instagram page is full of missing person cases in the city, dating back decades.

“So many unsolved cases, unidentified also,” said Tia Rumph. 

That’s why Rumph started the page just a couple of months ago.

Then it was just a dream and a vision to shed some light on the many missing person cases in Detroit. Now the page is making a real impact for real families looking for real information. 

“So many tips and so many people came forward, saying their father went missing for 13 years," Rumph said. "Their mother went missing and they still want answers." 

Answers that never came for most of the profiles of missing persons cases, until now. 

“I’m actually getting followed by people with other missing person pages from other states,” Rumph said. 

Rumph said several families contacted her, claiming that their loved ones are the ones on her page.

“Five years, 10 years, 20 years, people still want answers,” said Rumph. 

She said it all started with a simple post on the internet. 

“The power of social media, baby,” said Rumph. 

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