Metro Detroit woman travels world with goal to help other women

DETROIT – Some might call it a new approach to philanthropy, a local woman is targeting 26 different women in 26 different countries in a global marathon.

Mallory Brown is traveling the world to show others the obstacles and hardships so many different women deal with. She is documenting her travels in a web series.

Brown hopes that by showcasing different women and their hardships she can help raise money to get them out of poverty.

Her first stop is in Tanzania, where viewers meet Elizabeth. She's a 45-year-old mother with five children, who, like many, cooks for her family over an open fire inside her home.

Brown is trying to raise money to teach women like Elizabeth a new way to cook, to make money and to hopefully bring a new life. One of the goals is to find entrepreneurs and teach them skills so they can become profitable stove masons. They teach them how to find the right material, build stoves and sell them efficiently.

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Watch the video above for Karen Drew's full story.

Brown is posting and sharing videos on social media to share information about her trip.

Two of those videos are embedded below.

Tanzania video:

Walk A Mile video:

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