'No words' cops grieve Krispy Kreme doughnuts lost in NYE truck fire

Kentucky police say the driver is okay, doughnuts didn't make it


LEXINGTON, Ky – A few Kentucky cops went viral for mourning the loss of truckload of doughnuts.

The driver of a Krispy Kreme doughnut truck noticed his vehicle was smoking on New Year's Eve, so he called 911.

And while the driver was able to escape before crews arrived and flames engulfed the truck, the doughnuts didn't make it, Lexington police told Fox News

The Lexington Police Department posted a few photos online depicting the heartbroken officers with their heads cast down.

"No words," the officers wrote, and their colleagues from across the nation — from Colorado to Chicago — were quick to respond with messages of support.

"We feel your loss," the University of Kentucky Police Department wrote. "We donut know what else to say."


A North Carolina cop added his condolences

"In this line of work, some things can't be unseen," he wrote. "My thoughts are with @lexkypolice officers at this tim eof  tragedy."

Other commenters online noted the doughnuts were really "krispy" after the box truck fire.

The investigation into the fire is ongoing as the cause is unknown.