Warren 4-year-old saves mother's life for the second time

WARREN, Mich. – Many of us wonder if we would know what to do in an emergency situation to save a life. 

Savannah Lavely has saved her mother's life not once, but twice. 

ORIGINAL STORY: 3-year-old girl honored for saving mother's life in Warren

The first time, Warren Mayor Jim Fouts honored her as a hero. The second time was Wednesday night.  

Jessa Lavely suffers from tonic-clonic seizures, a type of seizure that involves a loss of consciousness and violent muscle contractions. 

Lavely first discovered she gets them about 18 months ago, which is about the same time she found out she has an exceptionally smart and caring daughter with an innate instinct for lifesaving maneuvers.

"I'm very sore today," Lavely said. "If it's two minutes long, it's using every muscle in your body and she said it happened two times and she may have picked up on that."

Savannah and the home security system were the only things between life and death.

"You have to hit the button to wake it up and then you hit the emergency button," Lavely said. "Then you eventually have to hold a button for three seconds and them the alarm goes off and either the police or fire department comes. We're never taught her to do that, because we didn't want her doing it."

The family was afraid of the potential of false alarms. However, this alarm wasn't and she's thankful for Savannah's calm perceptiveness. 

In June 2017, Lavely and Savannah were out walking in the neighborhood when she had a seizure and collapsed on the lawn. Savannah ran home to get her grandparents.

"It was super scary," Lavely said. "She could have been hit by a car but she said, "No, momma. I looked both ways.'"

Lavely isn't certain how she can thank her daughter for saving her life twice, but she has a potential idea in mind.

"We'll have to get her a nice car when she's 16," Lavely said.

The family is looking at ways to assure her safety and not have to lean on Savannah for so much help in the future.

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