Group opposes Wayne County plan to sell historic Hines Park mills

Save Hines Park expresses concerns at town hall

WAYNE COUNTY, Mich. – Hundreds of people against the sale of mills in Hines Park gathered at a town hall event Wednesday.

For sale signs recently popped up at several mills in the park, which spans eight communities. Many people agree with the structures being leased, but they don't want Wayne County to sell the historic Wilcox, Phoenix and Newburgh buildings.

Save Hines Park is an organization that opposes the sale of land in the park.

"We don't  know who could buy that," said Mike Rudell, of Save Hines Park. "The next thing, we could have chain restaurants there or condos."

Wayne County Commissioner Diane Webb said the possibility of housing on the park's land isn't off the table. Webb and Save Hines Park insist there are proposals pending to get 11 acres of land approved and sold for housing.

"Now, I've got a copy of the plan, and I've spoken with people who've been a party to those meetings, and it's in their talks," she said.

One mill has already been sold, and the county contends the sale of the mills will generate needed revenue. The county also said that housing development plans haven't went before commissioners yet. 

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