DDOT buses lose control in separate crashes, slamming into light pole and trees

City explains why snow wasn't plowed in residential area

DETROIT – A Detroit Department of Transportation driver drove up a hill and into trees along the 94 service drive near the GM Poletown plant Sunday morning. Moments later, while police were investigating that crash, another DDOT driver hit the same curve and slammed into a light pole.

The roads were icy and treacherous when the crashes happened. The bus that drove into the light pole appeared to have no passengers and the driver had to be checked out.  

The driver of the DDOT bus that went into the trees had taken that same curve, hitting the ice. The bus went roaring up the trees, with one tree going right through the windshield.  

"I am shaken up, but he was safe. The roads are bad. They need to do something about these roads," said a woman who was on the bus that drove into the trees. The woman's leg appeared to be hurt in the crash. 

There was a lot of snow in Metro Detroit and several drivers got stuck. The city treated the main roads, but they don't plow residential streets until there is 6 inches of snow. 

“We didn’t reach 6 inches of snow. Keep your eyes on the road. We want commuters to be safe, but because we didn’t reach 6 inches we didn’t plow residential roads," said Tiffany Crawford, an employee with Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan's office. 

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