Police investigate LA Fitness parking lot smash-and-grabs in Royal Oak

Two cars targeted by thieves

ROYAL OAK, Mich. – Royal Oak police are investigating two car thefts at a popular gym. Police say thieves broke into the cars at LA Fitness in Royal Oak. 

“I had a camera, laptop, my wallet, just all of those things that you need to do your job,” said Melanie Williams-Bowers. 

Williams-Bowers runs her own public relations firm called GURU Public Relations. She had so much inside her car that is gone now. 

I tucked my work bag underneath my seat and I left my coat in the car,” said Williams-Bowers. 

And she went about her business on Sunday evening at the LA Fitness in Royal Oak. 

“It was my birthday and my husband had a surprise for me and he said go run some errands for an hour and come back to the house,” said Williams-Bowers.

Those birthday plans were ruined when she returned back to her car after the workout.

Williams-Bowers said she wasn’t the only victim. She noticed Royal Oak police already in the parking lot. 

“They were helping another woman, two cars down from me, whose car was also vandalized and broken into,” said Williams-Bowers. 

She filed a police report and also spoke with the security officer in the parking lot, hoping he may have saw something or someone. 

Police said from January 2018 to January 2019 there have been 16 car thefts within a half mile radius of the gym. 

Four of those thefts happened at LA Fitness. 

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