Metro Detroit garbage collection companies keep employees working despite dangerous cold

GFL, Tringali workers collect trash Wednesday

MACOMB COUNTY, Mich. – Two Metro Detroit garbage collection companies had their employees working during Wednesday's dangerously cold weather.

While wind chills dipped to minus 30 or even minus 40, GFL and Tringali workers were on the streets, picking up trash.

Tringali didn't respond to requests for comments about the workers, but GFL responded, saying it is committed to serving customers during the cold weather. The company told employees to take warming breaks in trucks and provided cold weather gear, hot food and hot beverages.

The company also said it told workers they are not on a deadline, so trash pickup may be slow.

"We appreciate the outpouring of concern for our employees and the many messages of support we have been receiving," the company said.

Residents are outraged that crews were forced to work.

"It is dangerous and dangerous to be driving, too," Leslie Poultney said.

Wednesday's temperatures were so cold that even the U.S. Postal Service canceled mail delivery in some states, including Michigan

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