Water main breaks cause chaos amid extreme temperature swings in Metro Detroit

Water main breaks trap residents, cause crashes at intersections

DETROIT – Extreme temperature swings this week in Metro Detroit have caused multiple water main breaks, creating chaos for residents and drivers.

Resident Tiffany Byrd said she's trapped by a river of ice.

"They said it is a sinkhole," Byrd said. "You can't cross over, can't even get to work."

Her boss is also trapped. Neither of them can find a way around Wyoming Avenue and Schoolcraft Road on Detroit's west side. They were both left searching for a way to get to work.

The extreme temperature swings have water mains breaking all across the area, causing problems at intersections. Flooded roadways have even caused crashes.

"The car behind him hit me," driver Sabrina Thomas said.

The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department is working on 44 water main breaks in the area, including messes in Southwest Detroit and Lincoln Park.

Some drivers who didn't heed the warning signs in front of flooded streets got stuck.

"All we can do is pray nothing else happens," Detroit resident Alvin Woods said.

You can watch Shawn Ley's full story in the video posted above.

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