Metro Detroit residents brave cold temperatures to go ice fishing

Ice fishermen stay outside for up to 7 hours

ST. CLAIR, Mich. – You have seen the headlines this week. The temperatures were record-breaking. It was dangerously cold, but that did not seem to bother everyone.

Places such as Lake St. Clair Metropark have been packed with ice fishermen. 

"The colder the better for me," said Jeff Hering of Sterling Heights. 

Others feel the same. 

"It is a whole different concept than regular fishing," said Mitchell Matthews of Lake Orion.  

Believe it or not, people are outside fishing in this weather. They say it is all about what you wear. 

"I have gloves. A nice furry hat and ice mask. As long as I am covered, I am fine," Hering said.

They also say it is a peaceful way to spend your day -- and the best part is, anyone can do it. 

You just need a bucket, fishing poles and live bait.  

All you have to do to start is find a spot and make a hole with your auger.

If your face gets too cold, you can always use a face cover to help block the wind and cold. 

Many people managed to brave the cold weather for about six to seven hours. 

"I am out here to catch fish," said Anthony Savarino.

It certainly is a cold way to spend your day, but it can be peaceful -- and exciting if you catch a fish.  

"We fillet them and I like to fry them but I think people bake them," said Savarino. 

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