The NIGHTSIDE report -- Monday, Feb. 4, 2019

Concrete smashes through Local 4 anchor Evrod Cassimy's sunroof

Concrete from an overpass on I-75 in Detroit smashed through Local 4 anchor Evrod Cassimy's sunroof when he was driving home from work Monday.

Concrete from overpass smashes through Evrod Cassimy's sunroof on I-75 in Detroit

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Missing woman in Peru

A legally blind Detroit woman is still missing after she went on vacation in Peru and disappeared 55 days ago.


Police catch local basketball coach having sex with teen player in car

The varsity girls basketball coach at New Haven High School is facing charges after Warren police allegedly caught him having sex with a 17-year-old player.


Bus driver attack

A 23-year-old man faces charges in connection to an attack on a school bus driver Jan. 25 in Detroit.


Detroit police 'racially insensitive Snapchat

Detroit police Chief James Craig announced two officers have been suspended with pay after an investigation into a "racially insensitive" Snapchat was posted about a woman whose car had been towed because of expired registration.


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