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'Patient zero' identified in Washington measles outbreak 

Washington health officials have identified "patient zero" in the measles outbreak as someone from outside the country.

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Around the country:

  • Alabama: A man accused of molesting a horse is now accused of trying to break into an Alabama home with a stun gun and a sex toy. Read more.
  • South Carolina: A Baptist minister in Spartanburg, South Carolina, is accused of repeatedly raping and twice impregnating a child, whose pregnancies were then terminated. Read more.
  • Oregon: A 52-year-old photographer is facing numerous sex crime allegations for allegedly assaulting dozens of models -- some of them underage, the FBI said Wednesday. Read more.
  • Hawaii: Lawmakers in Hawaii have introduced legislation that would require internet users to pay a one-time $20 fee to gain access to online pornography. Read more.
  • Kansas: Prosecutors in Kansas are considering appealing a judge's sentencing decision, after he called the teen victims of a sex crime the "aggressor" in the case. Read more.

Twitter records its first annual profit

Twitter turned its first annual profit in 2018, but the company has a problem it doesn't want to talk about.

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What 'late-term abortion' really means

With the recent passage of New York's new Reproductive Health Act and Northam's voiced support of a measure that would loosen restrictions on abortions later in pregnancy, the phrase "late-term abortion" has appeared in headlines, peppered conversations, fueled social media battles -- and now made it into a State of the Union address. But what exactly does this language mean?

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Democrats prepare for fight on Trump tax returns

Democrats will hold their first hearing Thursday on the importance of presidents disclosing their tax returns, setting up a showdown between the House and the Treasury Department over President Donald Trump's own returns.

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More POLITICS headlines:

Ozzy Osbourne hospitalized with flu

Ozzy Osbourne has been hospitalized following complications from the flu. The rocker's wife, Sharon Osbourne, made the announcement Wednesday on Twitter.

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