Detroit City Council members ask residents for input on city's budget

City council provides survey

DETROIT – The Detroit City Council is reaching out to residents for input on the city's budget.

“Definitely, environmental issues,” said Reilly Reynolds.

“More police officers, with a raise,” said Billie Jordan.

Two different topics, but they're both important when it comes to the city of Detroit. Two Detroit City Council members are reaching out to people for their input on the city's budget.

City Council President Brenda Jones and Councilwoman Janne Ayers want to hear from residents.

“Most people don’t really get into the budget. It’s boring to most folks quite honestly. This is giving them an opportunity to say these are things we want to see, I want you to pay special attention to this,” said Ayers.

They're asking everybody who lives in Detroit to fill out a survey outlining important needs in the city. They will use the information gathered for the upcoming budget.

“We’re going to look at it and say OK, just compartmentalize people’s top priorities and get it down to maybe 5-10,” Ayers said.

Local 4 asked several people about what they feel should be addressed.

“I know a lot of our pipes are very, very old. I work downtown I was severely affected by the water main breaks that happened. Just improving infrastructure of our schools systems, making sure we have great teachers for local kids, public schools especially,” Reynolds said.

“We need public safety to stop all of these smash and grabs. Because these smash and grabs are ridiculous,” said Jordan. 

The deadline to complete the survey is Feb. 22 by 12 p.m.

To complete the survey click here.

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