Bloomfield Hills city commissioner charged with stealing school board candidate's campaign signs

Stuart Sherr allegedly stole Anjali Prasad's signs

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich. – A local defense attorney who ran for the Bloomfield Hills School Board, but lost, thinks sabotage may have had something to do with it. 

Anjali Prasad recorded a video of someone stealing her signs, which led to the arrest of a city commissioner. 

“I’m just not that interesting," Anjali Prasad said.

Prasad is a criminal defense attorney in Detroit and former federal prosecutor. She said the battle of the signs all started last September, when she was a candidate for the school board race. 

“I’d come home from work. We put up signs on a Tuesday night, Wednesday morning they’ll be gone.  We’re putting them up Wednesday night, Thursday morning they’re gone. Overtime, I’d see my signs missing and other signs up, where my signs were,” Prasad said.

So she recorded a security video of the thief. She showed that video to police. 

“The person who stole the signs was caught on video and the police department did their own investigation and worked the case, and they actually caught the person red-handed. They told me it was Stuart Sherr,” Prasad said.

The city manager with Bloomfield Hills confirms, Sherr is a city commissioner. He was arrested and charged with misdemeanor larceny. If found guilty, he could face up to 93 days in jail and a $500 fine. 

“He didn’t run. No, he didn’t run. He wasn’t a candidate in the election,” Prasad said.

Local 4 called and texted Sherr for a comment, but he didn’t return the calls. 

The city manager released this statement:

The city is aware of the charge against Commissioner Sherr. The city is monitoring the matter as it works its way through the criminal justice process. Just like any other resident in Bloomfield Hills, a person is innocent until proven guilty and at this point, there has been no final adjudication of the matter. As a result, any further comment by the city or City Commission would be inappropriate

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