Funeral Mass honors Rep. John Dingell in Washington

WASHINGTON – Thursday in Washington was a far cry from Tuesday in Detroit with its angry ice storm.

Those 70 members of Congress who were turned away in two airplanes made their way on three buses to the Georgetown Church that has been the Dingells' spiritual home away from home.

What has been an arduous, exhausting week for Debbie Dingell continued as she greeted the Honor Guard and the casket, one more step in the long but loving farewell.

WATCH: John Dingell funeral mass held in Washington

Holy Trinity Catholic Church seemed amply large until it didn't. Overflow crowd meant a packed balcony and more than 100 standing shoulder-to-shoulder in the back.

Congressional Chaplain Patrick Conroy was yet another who was supposed to speak at the Dearborn service but was delayed until Thursday.

The church was not divided by political stripe; it was a single congregation, united in its devotion to "The Dean." Consider the consummate Republican who named the committee room after the consummate Democrat.

For the Dingell family, it has been a grueling and yet so affirming time. Dingell's son, Judge Christopher Dingell, has been astonished.

And yet, as Debbie Dingell sent the flag-draped casket off for yet another trip, it isn't quite over. One more stop fittingly the most American final stop of all, Arlington.

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