Icy dirt roads force Wayne County school district to cancel classes for 4th day this week

Van Buren Township Public Schools closed Friday

BELLEVILLE, Mich. – There are no flakes in the forecast but Van Buren Public Schools are closes Friday, the fourth day this week.

Monday is a holiday so students won’t be back until Tuesday and parents are frustrated.

“It’s been a struggle to find daycare,” Alisa Doddie said.

Doddie's daughter, Sophie, is in kindergarten.The district made the decision to cancel school on Friday because of road conditions. Paved roads are clear but the district has many dirt roads, especially in Sumpter Township.

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“They’re a sheet of ice, actually they’re a block of ice. In most areas it’s about an inch thick,” said Superintendent Peter Kudlak.

Kudlak had the buses try to navigate some of the back roads and it didn’t go well so the decision was made to cancel school again.

“It would be much better if we had these kids in school, this is causing problems as we try to make these days up,” Kudlak said.  

Aside from safety reasons, if they decided to keep school on and less than 75 percent of students made it in, it wouldn’t count as an instruction day anyway.

Doddie and other parents are frustrated.

“I just feel the roads being an issue is an excuse. They deserve an education and I think they have a right to it," Doddie said.

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