ATV falls through ice on Lake Orion


An ATV fell through the ice on Lake Orion last weekend.

Here's the info from Lake Orion Police:

Lake Orion Police were advised that a 4-wheel ATV “side by side” type vehicle had went through the ice near the Bellevue Bridge, was submerged and that the driver had safely exited the vehicle and the water. The arriving officer spoke with the driver who stated he was driving the Polaris RZR 1000 west across the frozen lake and was attempting to travel under the Bellevue bridge to access the other side of the lake when he discovered open water around and under the bridge. The driver stated the next thing he knew he was in the water.

The driver was able to safely exit the vehicle and climbed onto the ice. The driver was identified as a 32 year old Lake Orion man and the vehicle owned by a 31 year old Clarkston man. Buckhorn Towing arrived and safely removed the vehicle from the water. 

The driver was not wearing a personal floatation device. The officer was able to determine that none of the vehicle fluids had leaked into the lake. The vehicle was properly licensed and registered. Determined accidental. Alcohol was not involved, no violations were issued. The water near the Bellevue Bridge is often unfrozen with weak surrounding ice. 

The Lake Orion Police Department reminds everyone that persons and vehicles are cautioned to avoid travel near or under bridges on Michigan in-land lakes during winter months.


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