Suspect arrested in hit-and-run that left 12-year-old injured in Pontiac

Dominique Amos facing 5 year felony


PONTIAC, Mich.A man is facing charges in connection to the hit-and-run crash that severely injured a 12-year-old Pontiac boy in January.

Dominique Amos was taken into custody in Peoria, Illinois by U.S. Marshals Monday.

He is charged with failure to stop at the scene of accident resulting in serious impairment or death and operating while suspended. 

On Monday, January 7, 13-year-old Christian Castle was crossing the intsersection at Baldwin and Garner on his bicycle when he was struck by a speeding van.

“There was a loud bang,” said Daija Davis. 

Davis said everything happened in slow motion. Davis was looking out her window when she saw a little boy on his bike. 

“The van came flying, hit the little boy, didn’t stop, carried his body on the van for a good few feet. I instantly ran outside. It was raining. I was like in my socks, half dressed. I was the first person on the scene,” said Davis. 

That is when she called 911. “Honestly, I thought the little boy was dead. The van was going very fast.
We put jackets on him, so he did not go into shock or anything and we were waiting until the ambulance came,” said Davis. 

“When you hit a child on a bicycle and you run that is the kind of person that needs to be held accountable,” said Sheriff Michael Bouchard. 

Bouchard said his officers found the van nearby but not the driver. 

“After the boy fell off of the van, the bike was still stuck to the van. They stopped and swerved away and got the bike to fall off the van,” said Bouchard. 

“The person did not want to get caught and we were intent on catching them,” said Bouchard.