Taylor City Council wants answers after treasurer claims disability, works from home

Ed Bourassa says hip replacement surgery went bad

TAYLOR, Mich – The mayor and City Council in Taylor want answers about the city's recuperating treasurer been working from home.

Ed Bourassa applied for disability after a hip replacement surgery mishap last year when two hospital porters dropped him.

"Both of them let go of me and I just fell flat back on my back and bounced on the cement," he said.

Bourassa said he went to the Taylor Human Resources Department the next day and applied for disability because he couln't use his right leg.

The City Council has been trying to determine if Bourassa vacated his position since he doesn't actually show up to City Hall for work, though he does work from a home office. The council voted to stop paying him just before Christmas.

Bourassa filed a lawsuit last month, alleging that the Taylor Mayor Rick Sollars lied to the City Council about his situation so they would cut his pay. The lawsuit said he is on disability and an elected official so he can't just be fired.

"I was born and raised in the city of Taylor and I love the city of Taylor. I want to keep doing what's best for the city," Bourassa said.

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