Canton High School student says she was sexually attacked in school

Mother, student speaking out

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CANTON, Mich. – A mother is speaking out after she said her daughter was sexually attacked at Canton High School and then mistreated by school officials.

"Students are getting harassed and it feels like the school is sweeping it under the rug," the mother said.

The Plymouth Canton School District is under the spotlight again after a second student stepped forward, alleging being attacked at school. It's not only the attack, but how the school district allegedly treated that student afterward that has one local mother very upset.

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The girl is 15 and has asked to remain anonymous but she wants to share her story. She said it's hard to come forward.

She said she was kneeling down next to a male student, helping him with a computer, and he touched her breasts. At first, she said, she thought it was an accident. She said she tried again to help the student and he touched her breasts again.

"She proceeded to help him. He touched her breasts again. She pulled away and said, 'Stop it.' He reached down to grab her in her," the mother said. "Her inner thigh and, at that point, she stood up and walked away. She probably was in shock, wasn't really processing what was happening."

The girl said she left class and told her boyfriend what had happened. Her boyfriend told a counselor.

"She was interviewed by the dean of students of her home school. She did write out a statement," her mother said.

The mother said her daughter was shuffled between five different administrators. The girl also said she spoke with a Canton police officer assigned to the school.

"The way he handled it made me feel terrible," she said.

The mother and daughter said the boy's parents seemed to take the case seriously, but the school did not. They said the school didn't tell them what the consequences for the boy's actions would be.

"I ran into him several times -- once in a stairwell. Scared the crap out of me. Started to have a panic attack" the girl said.

"Part of me, part of why I filed the complaint, was because I looked up what the schools process was, what their procedure was if students commit sexual assault against another student and right in their handbook," the mother said. "It says the student shall be expelled."

The mother asked Canton High School for the boy not to be in the same class as her daughter after the reported attack.

"I was told (that) since I was making that request, my daughter would have to be the one to change her class I didn't know it at the time but I do now," the mother said.

The girl still attends Canton High School, for now. Her mother filed a complaint with the Department of Education and recently came to an agreement with the department, but they still wanted to share their story.

The school district released the following statement:

"The district does not tolerate harassment of any kind. All allegations of harassment are taken seriously, are investigated thoroughly, and responded to with appropriate action. We are unable to comment on any specific student matter."

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