Warren police officer accused of sexual text messages with teen fired from department

No charges filed

Warren police vehicle covered in snow (WDIV)
Warren police vehicle covered in snow (WDIV)

WARREN, Mich. – An officer with the Warren Police Department has been terminated from his position after he was accused of exchanging inappropriate text messages with a teenage girl.

An internal investigation has been underway at the department since at least Feb. 19, 2019. The officer is accused of inappropriately texting a 17-year-old girl. The officer has been on paid administrative leave but police Commissioner Bill Dwyer announced Wednesday the officer has been fired.

However, Dwyer said the incident did not "meet the requirements of criminal behavior."

"This is a personnel matter that was initiated when we were notified of an incident involving one of our police officers. We investigated the incident that revealed behavior unbecoming one of our officers and as a result, he has been separated from the Police Department," reads a statement from Dwyer. "In responding to inquiries, we must be mindful of not only following laws concerning personnel matters, but we must protect the privacy of those we are sworn to protect. This incident involved inappropriate behavior with a minor."

The case was brought to the police's attention by the girl's parents, police said.

The girl and the officer allegedly exchanged numbers because the teenager was interested in doing a ride-along and wanted to become a police officer someday.

When the girl texted the officer about shadowing him to learn more about the job, he allegedly sent inappropriate sexual text messages to the girl.

The girl's parents found out and reported the officer, police said.

Dwyer said the 35-year-old officer spent 7 years with the Warren Police Department. 

Here's a report from Feb. 19: 

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