Fatal Detroit shooting leaves man's fiancee, children desperate for answers

DETROIT – A family in Detroit is pleading for answers after a father was gunned down in front of his own home as his children and fiancee tried to revive him.

Thursday will mark four months since Jermaine Houser was shot and killed. Houser had just walked out of his home on Blackstone Street when he was shot and killed.

"It just feels like it was just yesterday. It just really feels like it just happened," his fiancee, Nicole Allen, said.

Allen shared the home with Houser and their four children, and they had a new baby on the way.

"It's like, it's unreal. I can't believe this happened," Allen said. "I just heard the shots, just boom, boom, boom, real loud."

Allen and their children ran out of the house, witnessing the aftermath.

"We was trying to get clothes to help stop the bleeding, and I was holding him up, and he was spitting out his blood," Allen said.

She said the images from the incident continue to haunt her.

"He looked at me and he rolled his eyes back and I was like, 'Look at me,' and he looked at me and he gave me one last smile, and I think he knew he was going," Allen said.

"His family loved him so much, you know. This is a hard blow for his family," she said.

Allen is six months pregnant with Houser's child and preparing to move out of the house that holds such traumatizing memories.

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