Detroit man sentenced to 12-15 years in prison for crash that killed 26-year-old woman

DETROIT – A man who pleaded guilty to a charge in connection to a deadly crash that killed a 26-year-old woman in October has been sentenced to 12-15 years in prison. 

Darick Anthony Brown, 42, faced 11 different charges but ended up pleading guilty to a second-degree murder charge. The rest of the charges were dimissed. 

The crash happened on Oct. 7 at 2:40 a.m. According to the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office, Brown was driving in his car while intoxicated and waiving a handgun. Kaneesha Griffin, 26, was riding in the front passenger seat of Brown’s car.  A Detroit police officer pulled Brown over in the 17600 block of East Warren while conducting a traffic stop.

Kaneesha Griffin
Kaneesha Griffin

The officer approached the car and gave commands, which police said Brown ignored. Brown reportedly drove away at a high speed and fled multiple police cars. Brown drove north on University Place for about one mile when he lost control and crashed into a garage in the 17700 block of Chester Road.

Brown and Griffin were not in the car when police arrived at the crash scene. A handgun was confiscated near Brown’s car and used as evidence by the police. Griffin was found in the alley behind the garage. She was taken to a local hospital where she died from the injuries suffered in the car crash. 

Brown was found in the rear of a location and arrested by the police. Officers said a handgun was recovered near Brown's vehicle. 

During his sentencing on Thursday he expressed remorse. He said he was in love with Griffin and planned to marry her. 

Griffin's mother spoke at the sentencing. She said her daughter was a mother of three. 

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